Product Engineering

InnovationM specializes in building software products for its customers and has been recognized as a niche player in Product Engineering. The iterative cycle of Designing-Developing-Testing-Deploying software products for web, mobile & back-end in a truly agile fashion.

We work as a Technology Partner to build software products for our clients, whether it is an idea which requires an MVP to be built or is a mature product which requires modernization to keep up with latest technology frameworks or UX/UI Design Patterns.

We also provide Maintenance & Support for products in terms of enhancements, upgradation & managing multiple code bases.

Our Offerings

Product Concept Design

Concept understanding and preparing of personas & scenarios, Creation of wireframes for Concept Realization and Creation of detailed wireframes & Visual design for the software product.

Product Architecture

It's important to pick the right technology stack for the product. It should be modern, should have a good skill base in market and most importantly it should serve the purpose right from a UI, middleware / server & third-party integration perspective. Solution Architects at InnovationM understand the space and pick the right technology frameworks and architecture of the product.

Product Development

Iterative Product Development in highly collaborative fashion with involvement of client teams, Business Analysts, Solution Architects and Development / QA team. Doing frequent releases (2-3 weeks) to get early feedback, and achieve a shorter time to market.


Make the Product available in multiple languages and countries utilizing the best in class frameworks for localization and internationalization.

Cloud Deployment & Hosting

Deploying & hosting the product on cloud on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or on-premise hosting. Providing 24x7 support for the server deployments on cloud with best in the class tools for monitoring and alerts.

Maintenance & Support

InnovationM provides maintenance & support services for software products in terms of enhancements, upgradation, support for new OS versions, issue fixing and user feedback incorporation.


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